Lighten up and dance

October 7, 2013|Posted in: Brave, Choose Joy, DO something, Entertainment, Freedom, inspiration, Laughter, Life, Living, opinion

Top 5 things I can’t/shouldn’t do but do anyway…

1.Walk like a runway model.

2.Speak with a British accent.

3.Dress like I’m fashionably conscious.

4.Eat cheese.


Just to name a few.

It’s not often that I partake in the first four, but the last one…I’m all about it. I love to not dance well! It just makes me happy. I think I look like Julianne Hough but I do not. Like, I really do not.

I can’t dance. But I dance anyway. With a smile. Without shame. Yay me! Every morning when I wake up I say to myself, “Lighten up and don’t forget to laugh.” Dancing makes me laugh, so there’s that ;)

Life is too short to not do things because people say you can’t, or because you don’t do it as well as others. Set your standard and take it to coffee! Just do it.

What have you been shying away from that you’ve always wanted to do? If it’s legal and will not cause bodily harm to you or others – be brave and give it a shot.

Live brave today, friends!

Disclaimer: If you sing really bad and no one has told you and you end up on american idol looking and sounding like an idoltard, that is on you and everyone who has ever told you that you can sing even though they knew to the bottom of their toes that you can not.


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  1. Julie
    October 7, 2013

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    Love this!! Caleb always dances like there's no one watching and I am envious of the carefree abandon he has. Time to implement daily dance parties.

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