Brace Face 5 Weeks In

November 6, 2013|Posted in: Action, Authenticity, Beauty, courage, Discipline, Health, Health & Beauty, insecurities, inspiration, Life, Living

Well, I am starting to see small improvements in my teeth. There has yet to be a day where they are not sore. And my bite is way off. Both issues, obviously, making it fairly difficult to eat anything other than soft foods. So, I’m eating lots of very sauteed veggies, refried beans, scrambled eggs, yogurt, stuff like that. On the plus side…My clothes fit better!

So, here you go! Top photo was the day I got my braces 9-31-13. Bottom photo is 5′ish weeks later 11-6-13. You’ll see the bottom brackets have changed…that makes me happy! 13 months to go!! This being brave stuff is fun, y’all ;)

photo (5)

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